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Frequently asked questions for Go2GradTutors

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the question you have in mind, please feel free to reach out at

  • How are payments processed?
    All payments are processed securely online, either through debit, credit, or e-transfer. If you acquire a personalized tutoring plan, you will be sent an electronic invoice following the first session to complete payment.
  • How do I get a personalized tutoring plan?
    1. Click Request A Tutor 2. We'll follow up with a consultation to understand your needs. 3. We'll create a tailored plan and match you with a graduate tutor based on your needs. 4. We'll place you in contact with your tutor to set arrangements.
  • Why should I get a custom tutoring plan?
    For the same reason a doctor will never prescribe one day of antibiotics when you need a week's worth! Our tutoring plans are custom-made for each student and are solution-focused to help students with their speicifc goals and needs. Our objective is to help students overcome their challenges and be self-sufficient by the time they're done with tutoring.
  • Can I cancel or extend my tutoring plan?
    Yes! Our tutoring plans are flexible and you can cancel at any time. Better yet, if you decide to extend your plan, you may be eligible for a discount!
  • What guarantees do you offer?
    First Session Guarantee: Pay only after the first tutoring session and if you're satisfied. Tutor Satisfaction & Availability Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with your tutor, or they are no longer available, we will find you a replacement tutor or give you your money back.
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