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Top Five Social Media Influencers to Follow for Academic Inspiration

Being a visual person means that you aim to surround yourself with things that move you and remind you of the reason you're doing what you're doing. Luckily for us, we live in the age of digital documentation. The great thing about digital documentation is that it has the power to move not only the creator but the followers as well. One person can click on an Instagram story and see how another person is cleaning out their closet, and suddenly the viewer is inspired to do the same. That's the power behind digital documentation, just by seeing someone do something you are suddenly motivated to try it yourself. That is also the main reason that social media influencers have such a big following! People want to be moved, they want to feel like they are not the only person who has to do a certain task, and then they rely on videos or Instagram posts to be the push they need to finally do it. Academia works the same. There are many influencers that document their journey through university that can inspire many students to overcome procrastination or just get motivated about their education. To help those who rely on visual aid to get motivated and inspired, we have listed the top five social media influencers to follow for academic inspiration below.

1. Cupsandthoughts on Instagram is also known as Perth from Australia. Perth is an environmental engineering student completing her undergraduate degree. Perth's Instagram documents her workspace and daily academic accomplishments. She focuses on aesthetics and productivity. If you are someone who gravitates towards aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts, then I highly recommend Perth’s.

2. Kaylnnicholson on Youtube is a social media influencer, podcaster, and author. Kayln lives in Toronto and she is actually not a student. However, Kayln specializes in motivation, and her endless routine videos on YouTube target all viewers regardless of their current state. Kayln has several videos on her channel that students can benefit from such as how to budget, how to set monthly and weekly plans, how to get out of a rut, how to handle a bad day, etc. She even has a YouTube series called Adulting 101 that may come in handy for the fresh undergraduates who are trying to navigate this new territory.

3. Trangsadventures on Instagram and YouTube is also known as Trang Bui. Trang is a third-year undergraduate student studying pharmacy. Trang is known for her digital note-taking on Instagram and her “day in the life” videos on YouTube. If you are a medical student then you might relate to her journey and her posts as they cater more to the medical fields. Her Instagram is more vibrant then the influencers listed above, and if that is your preference then you will definitely want to check out her account.

4. Lipsticksndlattes on YouTube and Instagram is also known as Grace Ann. She lives in New York City and is in her third year of law school. Grace takes her followers through her journey in law school while also keeping them invested in her personal life. Her Youtube channel shows how she manages law school and social life and her Instagram account tailors more to the everyday life of a law school student. Therefore, her account is not just dedicated to being a student but also to being a digital creator.

5. Caitlinmariedasilva on Instagram is also known as Caitlin from Canada. Caitlin is a graduate student completing her degree at the University of Toronto. Her Instagram account motivates the viewers to pull out a bullet journal and start jotting down a hefty to-do list. She is pretty much a pro in bullet journaling and her Instagram account reflects the elements of a theme known as light academia.

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